Guests of the Double R Ranch have the option to experience a real Nebraska ranch adventure.

What is it like to visit a working cattle ranch? If you’d like to experience a western adventure, the Double R Guest Ranch LLC invites you to observe and even participate in some of the seasonal ranch activities, which might include:

  • Rounding up and moving cattle
  • Checking windmills and fences
  • Harvesting the hay and moving the bales
  • Calving and feeding the cattle
  • Shipping calves
  • Branding calves
  • Other miscellaneous activities

You may wish to watch the round-up and/or the moving of the cattle. The cowboys may do this on horseback, with 4-wheelers, the pick-up, or all three. It may take half an hour, or half a day, depending upon the mood of the cattle.

The cattle can be unpredictable. Prior to moving the herd to a new pasture, you might want to go along to help check the fences, gates, and windmills, and to put out mineral blocks and salt.

The cattle and the windmills are checked on a daily basis. In the fall and winter the cattle are fed cake cubes and hay almost every day.